Accountability Catalyst

What is Accountability Catalyst:

Accountability Catalyst is a person invested responsible, and committed to bringing about change in the person they are coaching or helping to achieve set goals or tasks set by one self. 

In life, we have so much going on and we can get thrown off focus or life just happen to interrupt our plans. We all can use a support system that will keep us on track and celebrity our wins and help us to move beyond our shortcoming.  An Accountability Catalyst, will help you to reach your goals, purpose, or tasks for the day, week, or year.  



Accountability Plan to your needs or tasks. 

  • Narrow focus on meeting and achieving goals and tasks
  • Plans set by you and put into motion together. 


Gain greater confidence in area of focus. 

  • Support and encouragement to see goals and tasks through.
  • Embracing where you are and going. 


Move beyond limit belief. 

  • Remove the doubts that is holding you back. 
  • Know why they held you back .
  • Remove limited belief from your life. 


Shift in Energy

  • See how you show up during tasks. 
  • Adjust your energy for success


Overcome negative talk

  • Remove your negative feedback to yourself. 
  • Change your thinking and those around you. 
  • Positive thoughts about reaching your goals or tasks. 

Feedback on progress: 

  • Open and honest feedback on growth and progress towards goals and tasks with tracking reports. 
  • Feedback not what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. 


Nonjudgement Zone:

  • Be free to be you
  • Free space to think out loud
  • Creative space to brainstorm or make needed changes. 


Celebrating Small and Big Wins:

  • Always celebrate no matter how big or small. 
  • Reward your progress with each steps and development towards goals, tasks, or projects.